Ain Shams University celebrates its progress in the Global classification QS

Ain Shams University President opened the celebration of making progress in the global classification QS. Ambassador of the State of Portugal, Ashon Fernandes, Regional Director of QS, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs and a group of deans of the faculties attended the celebration.

Prof. Dr. Abdul-Wahab Ezzat said that the achievement of Ain Shams University in 11 different fields is a major achievement and a step towards more globalization. He pointed out that last April the university obtained an evaluation of four stars out of five according to Stars QS classification. Today, Mr. Ashon Faridanaz announced that Ain Shams University will have advanced ranking in three of the five main areas of evaluation, namely: medical sciences, engineering sciences, technological sciences and natural sciences.

For his part, Ashon stressed that Ain Shams University provides a successful model for the universities of the whole world in the accessibility of the world, where in a short period of time has achieved strong progress in the classification of the world Qs by working according to a specific plan according to international standards and with strong efforts. This achievement has been achieved and sends a message of hope to all the universities of the world.

Ambassador Madeleine Fisher said that what the university presents today is a successful model for the harmony with the world and the fact that the world has become a small village through constructive communication and cooperation, work hard and build international partnerships to achieve a better future for all.

She added that what is achieved today by Ain Shams University is one of the fruits of concerted efforts inside and outside the university is one of the steps of success, which requires exerting more and continuous effort.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasser Sengab confirmed that the administration of the university given to the file of the International Classification of great importance in recent times, to promote the international assessment of the university as the oldest Egyptian and Arab universities. In this context, the University has established many partnerships and cooperation agreements with several Arab, regional and international countries. It has also developed new study programs to cope with the rapid scientific development and to meet the requirements of the labor market.

He also stressed that the sector of graduate studies and research pays great attention to the development of international scientific publishing system at the university. The sector is keen to hold several training courses and workshops in cooperation with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank on a continuous basis for the faculty members and their assistants. Scientific journals at the university and its inclusion within the rules of international publishing.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, said that QS is an organization that aims to classify the top 1,000 universities around the world through the application of several special standards, the most important of which are the academic reputation and the potential of the university for its students. As well as the number of scientific researches and the international scientific dissemination rates of the university. The supervisors of this classification monitor the performance of the universities annually to verify the seriousness of the university in updating its indicators and the efficiency of the educational institution included in the evaluation of the institution.

His Excellency stressed that the current results of the classification is not a coincidence, but the fruits of the work of the International Classification Bureau of the University and its team led by Prof. Rania Salah El Din - Director of the Office, from periodic follow-up to the requirements of different classifications, and update the required data on a continuous basis. Dr. Rania Salah El-Din - Director of the International Classification Office at the University explained that the classification of QS for the scientific fields showed the University's advanced positions in several areas.

  • Mar 24, 2019