Ain Shams University tops the second place domestically in the Google Scholar classification of international citations 2020

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini - President of Ain Shams University, gentlemen, faculty members, support staff and researchers belonging to the university, because the university got the second place at the level of Egyptian universities in the "Google Scholar " classification of scientific citations, which is a new step towards the university's transformation into a productive research university.

Prof. Dr. El-Metini said that the university jumped forty global centers to occupy that position 881 at the level of international universities included in the classification, which depends on the ranking of universities according to the highest rates of scientific citations for research attributed to universities on the Google Scholar databases for scientific research.

He explained that the criteria for this classification have witnessed this year 2020 some difficult fundamental adjustments that affected negatively and positively on the ranking of many Egyptian and international universities, where the evaluation method differed from last year. Previously, the evaluation was carried out on the basis of calculating the top 100 researchers, excluding the first 5 researchers for the highest Scientific citation. As for this year, the evaluation is carried out by counting the top 100 researchers, excluding the top 10 researchers, and on condition that 6 scientific citations reach more than 1000 citations.

He added that this achievement was not by chance. The university, headed by the graduate studies and research sector, has taken many mandatory measures and measures that helped improve the university’s ranking in this classification, including

  • Issuing a decision requiring the faculty members and their assistants when requesting any service to provide the electronic statement issued by the faculty members system in the university electronic portal project, which contains a link to the Google account of the applicant.
  • Increased rewards for international publishing, which encouraged the faculty members to conduct more distinguished scientific research and publish them internationally in scientific journals.
  • Organizing several workshops and training courses to help faculty members understand the rules of international publishing and the standards of various international classifications.
  • Jan 26, 2020