The University participates in the World Conference on Stroke Therapy

Prof. Dr. Magd Zakaria, former Head of Neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, participated in the World Stroke Conference organized by the World Stroke Organization in Montreal, Canada, which took place from 17 to 20 October.

Dr. Magd, during his lecture in the presence of the President of the Organization and the participation of the President of the European Stroke Organization, reviewed the experience of Ain Shams University, which was selected by the organization as a model for the Egyptian experience, to reform the stroke treatment system. Where it was presented in a session that reflects success stories around the world.

He reviewed the Egyptian model and how the brain stroke department of Ain Shams University succeeded in changing the history of the stroke treatment in Egypt. The rates of use of the solvent for stroke in the first 4.5 hours were very few in Egypt. At the exact time, where the rate of use of the drug did not exceed 13% of those who attended the hospital in the first 4.5 hours since the onset of symptoms of the clot.

A work plan was prepared by Prof. Dr. Hani Aref to train doctors on the speed of dealing with the event, in addition to the printing and distribution of a booklet with the steps of implementation of the treatment, in addition to providing self-treatment within the hospital Demerdash.

The result of these reform steps was that the rate of use of the drug for patients who arrived in the first 4.5 hours increased from 13% to 95%. This pilot experiment was circulated in all Egyptian universities.

After this success, the Department of Neurosurgery at Ain Shams University submitted to the Ministry of Health requesting the provision of treatment at the expense of the state. In fact, it was approved in June 2016. The treatment was therefore free of expense of the state for each patient in the first 4.5 hours of stroke.

After two years of circulating the experience of Ain Shams University there are 52 centers for injecting the drug at the level of the Republic. The experience saved 2900 patients in the provision of modern treatment methods reduce the risk of infection and raise the cure rates for nearly 95% of the speed of intervention in the treatment within 4:30 hours of most of the time of injury.

He explained that the hospitals of Ain Shams University led a pioneering experiment between university hospitals represented in the stroke unit of the Department of Neurology, as well as successful in providing injections thaw thrombosis free of charge through self-help and donations.

He also reviewed a number of experiments conducted to identify the causes of delayed treatment, which revealed that 70% of the cases studied did not know the symptoms of the disease and then get immediate treatment or the inability to afford the cost of injection solution for stroke.

He confirmed that Ain Shams University has implemented a training curriculum for doctors in cooperation with the Radiology Unit in the framework of a comprehensive reform plan that has greatly contributed to raising recovery rates to 95%. The Egyptian experience represents a distinguished model in the Middle East and Africa in the field of stroke treatment.

  • Oct 29, 2018