Introducing new types of audiovisual translation in Faculty of Al Alsun examinations

Prof. Dr. Fadwa Kamal, head of the English language department at Faculty of Al-Alsun, said that putting the question of the translation exam for the third year, which require the translation of movie " No Retreat, No Surrender". The scene was betwwen the movie star "Hazlukum and Serag Bey" come in line with the English section of the labor market and aim to introduce new types of audiovisual translation.

She added that the aim of the question is to introduce new types of audiovisual translation, which is one of the requirements of the labor market currently, noting that students are trained throughout the academic year on this type of translation.

The head of the Department of English at the Faculty of Al-Alsun University of Ain Shams, that most of the sentences are colloquial and ask the question translated, indicating that the students are qualified for this type of translation and dealt with the matter comically.

Dr. Fadwa Kamal stressed that the question needs to be creative in the answer, and measures the skill of students in how to transfer this type of translation, and communicate the meaning in English with the same spirit of humor in the scene.

  • May 26, 2019